Q- What's Persian Parade?
A- Persian Parade was founded in 2004 by few visionary Iranian Americans (Drs.
Rezzadeh and Drs. Assadi) to organize a cultural parade showcasing the great Persian
culture and to celebrate Persian New year Nourooz.  
Q- When does the Parade take place?  
A- The parade takes place each year in the second week of April. Please check our
website in Fall for the exact date and start time.
Q- Where does the Parade take place?
A- The Parade marches down Madison Avenue in New York City, between 38th street
and 26th street.
Q- Are there other events following the actual procession?
A- Yes. The Parade concludes festivities at Madison Square Park, a day of fun-friendly
entertainment including food, music and dance.    
Q- How can I get involved with the Parade?  
A- We appreciate your interest. You can get involved by volunteering your time
(specially on the day of the Parade), sponsoring a float or advertisement during the
parade, or attending an event in support of the Parade throughout the year.
Q- What events do you hold throughout the year?
Beside the Parade itself, the Persian Parade Foundation brings the community
together with several cultural events such as ChaharShanbeh Souri, The Annual
Fashion Show, and etc. Please visit our website and our
Facebook page for more
information about these events or email us at persianparade@nypp.us
The entire proceeds from these events will be
used for the upcoming Parade, thus Persian
Parade solely depends on your  support.