Every culture celebrates the change in seasons in some fashion, but few
are as ancient, colorful and full of symbolism as the traditional
ceremonies for the beginning of the Persian New Year, Nowruz,
marking the first day of spring. Nowruz is all about hope. With the first
day of spring, the New Year celebration represents rebirth and hope
and Nowruz is a way for our children to celebrate and learn about their
cultural background, just like so many other people in America have
done. The range and variety of Nowruz celebrations reflect the
richness and diversity of Persian culture in the United States, which
includes the people of many nations and ethnic backgrounds that were
once part of the greater Persian Empire. Highlight of Nowruz
celebrations in the United States has been annual Persian Parade in
Madison avenue New York. As of March of 2004 few visionary
Iranian Americans, Drs. Rezzadeh & Drs. Assadi, used this majestic
celebration as a platform not only to advertise and celebrate our deep
culture, but more than anything, pass the Persian Identity and Pride to
our next generation.